Don’t forget to wind back the clocks this weekend!

UNFORTUNATELY it will mean that the evenings are getting darker, but at least we’re going to have an extra hour in bed when summertime officially comes to an end this weekend. With the colder nights beginning to close in, clocks will go back one hour on Sunday, (October 29) at 2am, and they won’t be […]

Never mind all the snow… Friday’s first day of spring

THIS Friday 1 February, otherwise known as St Brigid’s Day, traditionally marks the beginning of spring for many.  Pupils at primary schools across the county have been keeping an age-old custom alive by making crosses in honour of Saint Brigid. The crosses traditionally made from rushes are now sometimes made from straws or paper.  The […]

8 Products Guaranteed to get you Spring Ready

I was originally a winter lover, preferring to snuggle up in mounds of blankets and wooly jumpers, but this year I find myself exceptionally excited for spring and everything that comes with it. I’m not sure if it’s the brighter mornings or the slightly warmer weather but I’m full of the joys of life and […]