Middle East conflict driving up local oil prices

IN A reversal of what we’ve become used to over the years, pump prices in Fermanagh are currently cheaper than in our neighbouring counties to the South. However, with the conflict in the Middle East seeing a surge oil prices, don’t expect to save on fuel or home heating costs this winter. While diesel is currently still cheaper south […]


Oil price fall just a drop in ocean, says Cllr Greene

By Matthew Leslie “We could be sleepwalking into a situation worse than Covid if fuel prices are not slashed,” warns Cllr Sheamus Greene. The Fermanagh Councillor was speaking following figures released by the Consumer Council in relation to both petrol and heating oil prices in the North of Ireland. Petrol has dropped from 189.9p per […]

Sick of rising local fuel prices?

By John Carney IT MAY come as a shock to local motorists, but Northern Ireland has the cheapest fuel prices in the UK and a new fuel price tracking app is getting the credit for it. Latest government figures reveal the cost of both petrol and diesel has soared to record levels per litre, but thanks to a […]


Southern pump prices set to remain cheaper than North

MANY may have thought the massive carbon tax announced in last week’s budget in Dublin would eventually lead to an end to traditionally lower southern fuel prices.  However, one local fuel trader has explained to the Herald how little will actually change at the pumps, and warned a carbon tax could soon be introduced here […]


Motorists left fuming over higher cost of road fuel

DRIVERS in Fermanagh have raised questions as to why diesel and petrol prices in the county can sit up to 10p per litre above fuel prices in other parts of the North. For ordinary motorists that can add up to £6-£7 a fill. Over the past months the Herald has reported on fuel price differences […]