Belleek and Garrison residents dealing with effects of flooding

FLOODING continues to be a problem in Belleek, while residents and businesses in Garrison are still cleaning up their properties following floods likened to “the river running down the street”. Videos of the torrential rain and its effect on the villages have been posted online showing the extent of the flooding and the panicked reaction […]

BELLEEK UPDATE: Firefighters respond to significant flooding

LAST NIGHT firefighters from Belleek and Enniskillen Fire Station responded to reports of significant flooding across 2 main roads in Belleek. Firefighters from Ballyshannon Fire Station also attended the incident.   A spokesperson from the NIFRS said, “A male had become trapped in his car but was out of the vehicle when Firefighters arrived. “Firefighters […]

Old school to rescue as floodwaters take toll…

‘WHERE there’s a will there’s a way’, is the motto for pupils at Killyhommon Primary School, Boho, who had to relocate to the local community centre for lessons due to excessive flooding on school grounds.  For two consecutive days last week, school principal Mrs Resha Rasdale made the decision to move lessons so that, “more […]