Foul play – dog owners urged to clean up mess

FERMANAGH dog owners have been urged to clean up after their pets, particularly when visiting local cemeteries where fouling is on the increase. The Council made the appeal last week after a surge in reports of the stinky problem at cemeteries in the local area. “We have been made aware that there has been a significant increase […]

Sports team is crying foul over dog dirt on pitch

A LOCAL sports team has made a plea for dog owners to clean up their act and keep their dogs under control. The sports team trains on the pitches across the bridge at the Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, and they say the area is being constantly littered by dog fouling. They say the situation has became […]

GONE TO THE DOGS: Thoughtless owners are taken to task

ENNISKILLEN has gone to the dogs – literally. A post on Facebook about dog fouling has received a huge response with many local residents complaining about how the streets throughout the town have become ‘a dog toilet’. Silverhill Manor, the Round’O, Tempo Road and Castlecoole Road have all been identified as areas where the problem […]