The Fermanagh Herald is passionate about the communities we live and work in. We have been and continue to be at the forefront of promoting local groups, businesses and campaigns. Our ‘Together We Are Stronger’ campaign launched last year with the simple aim of using our voice to support and promote our community. Ray Sanderson, Fermanagh Herald editor said; ‘As a long standing part of the local community the Fermanagh Herald recognise our position and duty to actively promote and encourage support and loyalty to our local businesses. Supporting those enterprises helps our local community, our local economy and saves jobs and services. We feel now more than ever it is our responsibility to highlight all of the great things Fermanagh has to offer.’

Over the years we have used our various print, web and social channels to champion our local traders and providers, through our long-established ‘Shop Local’ and ‘Fermanagh Herald Business Awards’ initiatives. How we shop and get our everyday essentials has certainly changed, but it’s worth remembering that our local businesses are not only the places where we go to clothe and feed ourselves, where we get our health and well-being needs, where we go to ensure we keep moving forward in our daily lives. Our ‘independents’ are central to our communities – they employ our sons, our daughters, brothers and sisters and ensure that our local economies continue to prosper. Smaller businesses provide higher levels of service, advice and local knowledge.