Video of legendary poet Heaney at Boa Island emerges

FOOTAGE has emerged of a short film made on Boa Island by legendary poet, Seamus Heaney. The clip dates back to 1972 and was shown on the BBC. The footage was released last week on the 10th anniversary of Heaney’s death. Although not the sunniest of days, the dark weather adds to the drama of […]

EXCLUSIVE: Monea sculptor Michael Hoy carves Seamus Heaney headstone

The late Seamus Heaney’s headstone is all over the news, but not many know that it was carved by a Fermanagh man. Based in Monea, Michael Hoy, was commissioned by Heaney’s family to carve the poet’s headstone. When asked how he felt about the commission, he said, “I had to pinch myself.” Hoy who owns […]