‘Our roads are like race tracks’

HUNDREDS of Belcoo residents have called for urgent action to help reduce speeding traffic in the village, where they say “the roads are like race tracks.” With fears growing someone may be seriously hurt of worse, last month a group of concerned locals launched a petition on change.org calling for traffic calming measures around St Columban’s […]

Roads Service outline programme of works

THE schedule for road works across Fermanagh for the next two years has been published by the Department for Infrastructure’s (DfI) Roads Service, and there are plenty of long awaited projects on the way. In a report recently delivered to the local Council, acting divisional roads manager Harry Gallagher said there would be a great emphasis on […]

Bumpy road ahead as contracting issues could delay local resurfacing

FERMANAGH motorists could be in for a bumpy road ahead after it emerged contracting issues at the Roads Service may delay local resurfacing projects until next April. Cllr Sheamus Greene was part of a small group of Erne East councillors to meet with officials from the Department of Infrastructure (DfI) Roads Service last Thursday for a discussion on […]