DUBAI CALLING… The Tumbling Paddies are set to head to Dubai this weekend

Dubai’s calling for Tumbling Paddies

THE Tumbling Paddies are jetting off to Dubai where they are set for a jam packed weekend. The Fermanagh band enjoyed a lot of success in 2023, finishing off with five sold out Christmas shows which the bands drummer John McCann described as ‘massive crowds and the atmosphere was high’. The band has a year […]

Middle East conflict driving up local oil prices

IN A reversal of what we’ve become used to over the years, pump prices in Fermanagh are currently cheaper than in our neighbouring counties to the South. However, with the conflict in the Middle East seeing a surge oil prices, don’t expect to save on fuel or home heating costs this winter. While diesel is currently still cheaper south […]

Fearless photojournalist covers Middle East conflicts

IT IS FAIR to say that Enniskillen-born photojournalist Andrew McConnell gets around. The 37-year-old has spent the last few months in the some of the world’s big trouble spots, like Iraq, Palestine and eastern Ukraine. The former St Michael’s student also spent time covering the conflict in Gaza last summer, and is hoping to return […]