Police issue festive drink driving warning

FERMANAGH drivers have been again urged to never get behind the wheel after drinking or taking drugs, with hundreds already arrested for driving under the influence this festive season. In recent weeks Fermanagh police and An Garda Siochana have both been operating patrols and checkpoints on both sides of the border, even meeting up on […]


PSNI arrest 23 people for drink/drug driving over Christmas

ALMOST 300 people were arrested for drink/drug driving offences over the festive period according to PSNI reports. As part of the PSNI Christmas campaign which ran from December 1st, 2021, to January 1st, 2022, figures now show that 6,699 preliminary breath tests (PBTs) were conducted across the North. This resulted in 295 arrests for drink/drug […]

Drink drivers still on the roads despite lockdown

THE PUBS may be closed and the county may be on lockdown, but sadly there are a still drivers willing to get behind the wheel after having a few drinks.  While no local figures are yet available for the Fermanagh area exclusively, the PSNI has revealed that over the past fortnight its officers have arrested […]

Seven arrests in weekend crackdown on drink driving

A STERN warning has been issued ahead of the Christmas party season, after several arrests were made locally for drink driving offences over the weekend  From last Thursday evening through to Sunday night, police across the District made seven arrests for drink driving, with officers alarmingly describing one man as being so drunk that he […]