Hundreds of workers paying heavy a price for lockdown

WITH many sectors of the local economy currently ‘locked down’ again, and with the furlough scheme coming to an end, many families across the Fermanagh are struggling to make ends meet.  In many cases families are finding it hard to pay their bills or feed their children, and with restrictions set to continue, so to […]

Foodbank now feeding one in five people in Enniskillen

ALMOST 20 percent of the population of Enniskillen have relied on the Enniskillen Food Bank for support at some point in the last year.  John Shades, manager at the Food Bank explained that in 2018 over 2400 people received food parcels from the local Food Bank. In a town with a population of around 14,000 […]

Poverty can knock up to three years off your life

INEQUALITIES in Fermanagh society are affecting our health, according to a new report that shows alcohol, drugs and self-harm remain a scourge of many parts of our community.  The Health Inequalities Annual Report 2018, recently published by the Department of Health, outlines the gaps in issues affect the most well off and most deprived areas […]