Council opposed to fracking but powerless to impose ban

THE Council has admitted that while it opposes fracking taking place in the county, it might be powerless to stop it. Following the UK Tory government’s lifting of the fracking ban in England, a number of adverts have been placed in newspapers in England and also the North of Ireland have appeared in classified sections […]

Fracking ban called for in the North

THE chairman of a Fermanagh environmental group has blasted fracking as “the fossil fuel industry’s pension plan”. Tom White of Belcoo Frack Free was commenting after British Prime Minister, Liz Truss, lifted the ban on fracking in England. Fracking is the practice of drilling for gas and oil from shale rock. However, fracking has proved to […]

Study confirms fracking would devastate county

FRACKING in Fermanagh would see an unprecedented “industrial revolution” that would transform large swathes of the county’s farmland for industrial use in just five years, cost the county hundreds of millions, and would “despoil” the local landscape. That’s the stark conclusion of a new study into the impact of fracking in Fermanagh, commissioned by the local […]

Fracking research to continue despite opposition

DESPITE the strong local opposition to fracking in Fermanagh being repeated time and time again, Economy Minister Diane Dodds appears intent on continuing with “research” on the practice here in the county. As reported in the Herald last week, the consultancy firm hired by the Department of the Economy to carry out the research into […]

DUP abstains from Council motion opposing fracking

LOCAL DUP councillors have abstained from a motion which sought clarification as to why a consultancy firm hired by the Minister for Economy Diane Dodds, has not given priority consideration to environment and public health in its research. The motion, which was tabled by the SDLP’s John Coyle at the April Fermanagh and Omagh District […]

Anti-fracking group questions council’s transparency

THE Council has come under fire for holding meetings on fracking behind closed doors. In a statement, the Council said it recently held an informal meeting with fracking consultancy firm Hatch Regeneris, where “members unequivocally stated their opposition to unconventional hydrocarbon extraction (fracking).” Anti-fracking group, Belcoo Frack Free, have questioned the decision to hold an […]