Love is in the air

There’s a whole lot of love going on here in Fermanagh. From the moment the Christmas cards were taken down from the shelves out came the Valentine cards, chocolates and lots of red and hearts.

Discover sensational seasonal style under one roof at Houston’s

In Fermanagh we are fortunate to have such a great selection of high street stores and boutiques and at this time of year Christmas shopping should be a lot simpler due to the fact that we have such a good choice. If like me you leave your shopping to the last minute it is reassuring to know that we have such excellent variety on our doorstep.

A mammoth marathon and me

    Our beauty blogger Catherine McCurry talks about her challenging marathon training….   FOR the last four months I have been running the roads most mornings and evenings in an effort to accomplish one of my biggest goals to date. I have always loved running and I enjoy challenging my abilities as a runner […]

The era of distraction overeating

By Catherine McCurry DISTRACTION eating. We are all guilty of it at some stage of the day. Whether it’s during breakfast, lunch or family dinner, or on-the-go, there will undoubtedly be a television on, a mobile phone in hand or newspaper on the table. There are a multitude of distractions at every meal and we […]

The Christmas day dilemma – what to wear

By Catherine McCurry @catemccurry NOW that all the Christmas presents have been purchased and wrapped and with two days left until Saint Nicholas arrives, there’s only one dilemma left to face – what to wear on Christmas day. It’s a perfect day to dress glamorously and stay indoors in the comfort of our own home […]