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MLAs welcome decision on bereavement benefits

FERMANAGH MLAs have welcome the decision to extend bereavement benefits to cohabiting partners. The Department for Communities announced that those in the county – and the rest of the North – will have access to Bereavement Support Payment and Widowed Parent’s Allowance. This had only previously been available to both married and civil partnership couples. Now, this will be […]

Animal medicines should be removed from Protocol

CALLS have been made for “common sense” from both the United Kingdom (UK) government and the European Union (EU) for Fermanagh farmers and vets to have access to animal medicines. There were fears that the supply of veterinary treatments would be severely restricted to the North following the imposition of hard border in the Irish […]

Elliot awarded £48k in damages over Flanagan tweet

Fermanagh South Tyrone MP Tom Elliott has been awarded £48,750 in compensation over a tweet by Sinn Fein’s MLA Phil Flanagan falsely suggesting he had harassed and shot people. At a High Court hearing last month to decide on the level of compensation to be awarded, Mr Elliott said the groundless allegations left him shocked and […]