New scheme launched to help businesses grow

THE Covid-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis has had a devastating impact on local business up and down the country. Many businesses, especially in the rural Ireland, are feeling the pinch, but a new programme from the Department of Finance could help local companies effectively calculate and asses their expenses and incomes. The […]

Republic day-trip shoppers boost Enniskillen businesses

SHOPPERS coming over the border from down south are “critical” to Enniskillen’s local economy. Noelle McAloon of the Enniskillen Business Improvement District (BID) says that Republic of Ireland car number plates are a welcome sight as day-trippers from over the border are boosting the town’s coffers by spending their euros here. A number of residents […]

Video: Enjoy Enniskillen and surrounds

Enniskillen, the Island Town is a naturally welcoming place with fabulous business and friendly people. We, at the Fermanagh Herald are delighted to have teamed up with Fermanagh & Omagh District Council and Enniskillen BID to create an initiative titled ‘Enjoy Enniskillen! and surrounds’. As part of the project we commissioned a video to capture […]

FREE download – let’s celebrate Enniskillen & surrounds

Enniskillen, the Island Town is by it’s very nature a unique place. The only island town on the Island of Ireland this vibrant town is a bustling hive of activity as locals and visitors alike enjoy the wide range of retail, hospitality and service experiences. We, at the Fermanagh Herald along with Fermanagh & Omagh […]

Great Prizes on offer for Enniskillen Shoppers

The Enniskillen Business Improvement District (BID) has come up with a new idea which is sure to put an inch to shoppers’ steps and boost to the town centre. The innovative but simple Mi Rewards scheme gives shoppers points every time they spend in a registered Enniskillen business and is launched just as retailers and […]

Never a more important time to support your own!

Right now, it’s all about staying home to stay safe, but there is absolutely no reason not to keep shopping local while doing so. The seasonal shopping season is just around the corner, but with most people doing their bit to halt the spread of Covid by staying home as much as possible, many will […]