Angry scenes as pair charged with brutal Clogher murder

A judge was required to clear a courtroom after an outburst from family and friends of Pat Ward as the pair accused of his murder were returned to the cells after being charged. Despite a very heavy police presence at Dungannon Magistrates Court prior to and during the hearing, emotions boiled over. Mr Ward was […]


Bizarre scenes in court as teenager curses at mother

A MOTHER who tried to seek extra time for her teenage son to pay a fine, was verbally abused by him in court, after it emerged he has a previous relevant record which was not disclosed and which the defence were unaware. A discretionary short driving ban was sought and initially agreed until the call […]

Enniskillen man’s fouling of police cell ‘outrageous’

A JUDGE has noted an increasing number of cases coming to court in which defendants deliberately foul police cells – usually by urination – following arrest. District Judge John Meehan made the comment as he dealt with a particularly severe case in which faeces were spread over the cell walls and door, describing this as […]