Illegal dumping as recycle centre is forced to close

LOCAL people have been left outraged following reports of “excessive dumping” at the recycling centre in Lisnaskea after the council was forced to close the facility because it could not cope with the volume of material being dumped.  One concerned resident who lives close by told the Herald; “These bags of rubbish have been left […]

Dirty nappies found at latest dumping site

YET MORE potentially hazardous waste has been found at another Fermanagh beauty spot, this time at Castle Archdale’s Millennium Forest.  Back in October asbestos was identified at an illegal dumping spot in Spring Grove forest near Roslea. Now, more dumping has been discovered just off the main Enniskillen to Kesh Road, just past Lisnarick. The […]

County’s illegal dumping problem ‘could be even worse’

ILLEGAL dumping, already a plague on Fermanagh’s border, could become even worse after Brexit, while the development of the Marble Arch Geopark could also be stunted.  That’s according to Cavan County Council, which has been assessing the impact the UK’s departure from the EU could have on the border county. From the smuggling of fuel, […]


Roslea rubbish poses real threat of rat invasion

THERE are fears of a rat invasion, and even a toxic leak, at the site of ongoing industrial-scale dumping near Roslea, putting local health at risk.  For many years Spring Grove forest, which is on the border with Monaghan, has been a the target of illegal dumping. The problem appears to be getting worse in […]