Elliott warns of issues with developments

ULSTER Unionist MLA Tom Elliott is concerned that many local people are at risk of inferior infrastructure in their area due to unadopted developments across Fermanagh and South Tyrone, especially in circumstances where developers have gone bankrupt or been dissolved. Mr Elliott was well aware of the countless numbers of people across Fermanagh dealing with the conditions of unadopted housing […]

Work on Enniskillen bypass to resume

IT has been a long time coming, but the A4 Enniskillen bypass is back on the road. On Monday night, news emerged that Northern Ireland’s Minister for Finance, Caoimhe Archibald, has allocated over £16 million to help with the development of the long-awaited Enniskillen Southern Bypass. Up until now, the development has had its fair share […]

Outrage at worsening pothole problems

FERMANAGH residents could not hide their anger after new government data revealed that potholed roads in the county have surged by 90 per cent. Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd said yesterday an additional £1 million is to be invested in road maintenance and specifically the pothole problem, but this amount won’t even begin to resolve the issue. The new data […]

Fear Enniskillen businesses could be hit by DfI move

THERE are fears local businesses could lose trade in Enniskillen town centre after many had their advertising signs removed last week. A common sight in the county town, many businesses use ‘A’ boards to advertise their services. However, last Friday staff from the Department of Infrastructure (DfI) removed some of the signs from the footpaths. The […]

Poor road markings ‘an accident waiting to happen’

A FERMANAGH driving instructor believes it’s ‘a miracle’ that there hasn’t been ‘a major accident’ in Enniskillen due to the faded road markings. Through the town, there is an increasing issue with the ‘yellow boxes’, with the lines marking out the junction box appearing so faint that it is nearly impossible to distinguish on the road […]