Border book to be launched on Thursday

FERMANAGH history enthusiasts are expected to attend the highly anticipated launch of a new book which is set to detail what life is like living on the border.   ‘Exploring Our Shared Way Of Life – Listening to Border People’, which charts the journey to peace on the island of Ireland, as well as detailing the […]

Alan Dukes should ‘apologise to border people’

THE documentary ‘Quinn Country’ has stirred up its fair share of controversy, but comments made by a former Fine Gael leader about people living on the border have enraged local politicians. Featuring candid testimony from Sean Quinn himself, the highly anticipated series attempted to tell the story of the man who personified Ireland’s boom and subsequently, its […]

Biometric border plans could harm Fermanagh’s economy

PLANS to impose a biometric data border on Fermanagh have been described as “far-removed” from reality. Next year, non-Irish EU citizens will have to submit biometric fingerprint and facial data under the British government’s Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) scheme if they wish to cross into Fermanagh and other border counties from the Republic of Ireland. […]

Call to ‘target’ border in vaccination roll-out

A NUMBER of doctors organisations from both sides of the border have called for border areas, including Fermanagh, to be ‘targeted’ in the vaccination roll-out in order to lower the risk of cross-border infection rates. Dr Denis McCauley from the Irish Medical Organisation has deemed the prospect of a new variant being stopped at a […]