MI6 smear campaign against Fr McManus

IN THE week where a former MI5 agent has spoken out about how he defied orders by meeting with the IRA during the ‘90s to help broker peace, a somewhat less positive story has emerged of how MI6 had directed a campaign against a Fermanagh priest two decades earlier. Writing in the Irish Echo last […]

Fermanagh priest hits out at Irish far right

A US-BASED Fermanagh priest has hit out at the rise of far right sentiment in Ireland, stating Irish people opposing immigrants was “like Black Americans supporting slavery.” Fr Sean McManus, who hails from Kinawley and is the founder and president of the powerful Irish American Caucus in Washington, was referring to recent anti-immigration protests and other […]

‘God bless America and God save Ireland’

IN OCTOBER 1972 a young priest from Kinawley arrived in the US for what he thought would be three years, optimistic that when he returned The Troubles would be over. Fifty years on, Fr Sean McManus remains in the States, where he has established himself as a powerful political influence, mixing with some of the […]

Local priest lobbying US Congress on United Ireland

A LOCAL priest who has been helping shape Irish American politics for decades is now using ‘people power’ to lobby the US Congress to support a united Ireland. Fr Sean McManus hails from the townland of Clonliff in Kinawley, but has been working in the US for almost 50 years. In February 1974 he founded […]

US-based Kinawley priest home to mark 50th anniversary

A LOCAL priest celebrating the 50th anniversary of his ordination has told Kinawley parishioners that his heart is never far away from the village. Fr Sean McManus, a prominent Irish-American priest who has been based in Washington, USA , for many years, returned to his home parish for the celebrations. Fr McManus, the president of […]