‘You’re talking s**t’, senior health official tells man

THE Deputy Chief Executive of the Western Trust has been forced to apologise after an outburst by a staff member at a Pathfinder public meeting. On Thursday evening, a poorly attended public meeting was held in Fermanagh House, Enniskillen to discuss the ‘future of health and social care services’ in Fermanagh.  During the meeting, it […]

New extension to community hub is open for business

A MAJOR new extention to one of Enniskillen’s busiest buildings  is complete.   Community hub Fermanagh House is located at the Broad Meadow and the new addition to the building is now open to the public. The extension adds and additonal 800 square metres of space which will provide a base for more regional and […]

Measly turnout for 2015 election debate

FOR A part of the world with among the highest electoral turnout record in all of Europe, what was surprising was just how few people – twenty or so – turned out for a Westminster election debate for 2015 at Fermanagh House in Enniskillen.