Baird captures nine county boxing title

Last Saturday Ederney youngster Rory Baird set out to claim another nine county title to his collection. Baird, who is now competing at the Boy 4 (46KG) weight category knew at this age group he would get nothing easy.

Roslea had it too easy in Fermanagh

It is usually around this time of year that the quality of Fermanagh club football falls under the spotlight. It being Ulster Club season there is an opportunity to assess our clubs against those from other counties.

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Tackling Matters: Winners and losers in 2014

The 2014 league season wrapped up and as is par for the course for most clubs it has been a question of underachievement. For at the end of the day there’s only going to be one winner.

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Goals the difference as Ederney take clean sweep

Ederney proved too strong for Aghadrumsee in this division two league final with the old adage that goals win games proving correct as Ederney rattled the net four times over the course of the hour.

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Iggy leaves big shoes to fill

They say that it is winners who write history. Not sure if this is exactly true, but it is definitely fair to say that they enjoy more of the limelight. The fortunes of Roslea and Ederney over the past five seasons is a case in point.

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Roslea keep rolling on

How deceptive football can be sometimes. The half-time chat in Brewster was of a Roslea whose plan A had been rumbled and were struggling to manufacture a plan B on the fly.

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