‘Dole plus £10’ scheme branded as ‘substitute labour’

A FERMANAGH jobseeker has told the Herald that the job centre offered him work experience picking up litter for £10 a week on top of his dole money. The Department for Communities’ “Work Experience Programme” – also known as “dole plus £10” – is offered on a voluntary basis to unemployed people. The scheme has been […]

Concern as mobile library service cut for the summer

THERE is concern over the reduction of rural library services in Fermanagh over the summer, with both the mobile library service and the ‘Homecall’ service cut completely for the month of July. Since 2014 there has only been one mobile library providing services to rural Fermanagh, with the service supplemented by the Homecall service which […]

Council decision could take us back to estate bonfires

CONCERN has been voiced that the bonfire culture could make an welcome return to Enniskillen’s estates if the Council does not take back control of the Halloween fireworks display. Last week’s Herald reported that the town’s business community had stepped in to organise this year’s show after the Council said they would not be putting […]