Motorists urged to keep checking MOT site for bookings

WITH the MOT backlog continuing, Fermanagh motorists are being urged to keep checking for cancellations, with the DVA confirming it will not be giving tax exemptions to those with expired certificates. Despite capacity being increased at all centres, local drivers are still facing delays of around four months on average when they attempt to book a test at […]

Schools continue to face significant disruption

SCHOOLS across Fermanagh have continued to face significant disruption due to the serious impact that the recent Omicron Variant has had. Concerns first arose when schools reopened just last week while local infections rates continued to surge. Since then, the return to school has been described as somewhat difficult due to a large number of […]

Cyber hackers target South West College

AS IF local students and staff didn’t already have enough to contend with at the moment, the South West College (SWC) faced serious disruption recently as a result of a sinister cyber attack. Police have confirmed to the Herald they are aware of the incident and are investigating after it was reported in the Belfast Telegraph […]