Irish duty move will ‘fuel’ tourism to NI

THE Irish government’s decision to restore excise duty on fuel will encourage people from the Republic to go to Northern Ireland to purchase diesel and petrol, a motoring industry insider has predicted. On Monday petrol increased by four cents per litre while diesel was raised by three cents per litre. According to the Irish Road Haulage […]

Petrol prices cheaper in North than Republic… for now

PETROL prices are cheaper in the North than in the Republic of Ireland for the first time in years, but border retailers may not have to cut their prices to ensure they remain in business just yet. Currently, petrol and diesel are 10 cents cheaper in the North, with the gap due to widen with a […]

Heating oil shortage won’t cancel Christmas

DON’T worry, you’ll be warm this Christmas. That was the guarantee made by a local heating oil supplier after fears that people will be left shivering in their homes over the festive season. A sudden drop in temperatures and the Ukraine war were given as the reasons for a shortage of heating oil, which lead to rationing […]

Sick of rising local fuel prices?

By John Carney IT MAY come as a shock to local motorists, but Northern Ireland has the cheapest fuel prices in the UK and a new fuel price tracking app is getting the credit for it. Latest government figures reveal the cost of both petrol and diesel has soared to record levels per litre, but thanks to a […]


Southern pump prices set to remain cheaper than North

MANY may have thought the massive carbon tax announced in last week’s budget in Dublin would eventually lead to an end to traditionally lower southern fuel prices.  However, one local fuel trader has explained to the Herald how little will actually change at the pumps, and warned a carbon tax could soon be introduced here […]


Motorists left fuming over higher cost of road fuel

DRIVERS in Fermanagh have raised questions as to why diesel and petrol prices in the county can sit up to 10p per litre above fuel prices in other parts of the North. For ordinary motorists that can add up to £6-£7 a fill. Over the past months the Herald has reported on fuel price differences […]

Diesel ban ‘hammer blow’ for boat owners

THE decision to ban the use of red diesel to fuel private boats has been branded a “hammer blow” for the local marine leisure industry. The intended change in legislation is subsequent to EU ruling against Ireland using Marked Gas Oil (MGO), commonly referred to as red diesel, to fuel private boats. The legislative change […]

Police stage crackdown on motorists using illegal fuel

  A police crack down targeting motorists using red diesel in Fermanagh this week, has detected several vehicles using the illegal fuel. Police were out in force on Monday, carrying out a road safety and anti burglary operations designed to proactively seek out travelling criminals and people committing traffic offences. A number of stops and […]