Decline in natural environment revealed

  THE ‘state of nature’ in the North has been revealed, and while it’s not looking good, once again Fermanagh appears to be faring much better than most.    Last week we reported how the recently-published UK-wide State of Nature report had revealed the dramatic extent of decline of plants and animals since the 1970s, […]

Zero tolerance warning for youngsters with fireworks

FERMANAGH teenagers have been urged to be considerate of others when using fireworks this autumn. As the evenings get darker and Halloween approaches, the familiar sound of whizzing and banging can been heard in towns across the county, peaking at times and in areas where young people gather.    Seen by some as simply seasonal […]

Concern drink driving is on the rise

  THERE are concerns drink driving may be on the rise again in Fermanagh, largely due to people’s ignorance of the law, and that the number of locals ending up in court could soar when new legislation is enacted.   While there has been a lot of publicity in recent times over the very real […]

Fermanagh in the pink with nearly twice as many baby gi

  WE are blessed among women in Fermanagh, according to a new survey of birth rates across the UK.   According to the study by the Office or National Statistics (ONS), which collected data on the number of male and female births in each area of the UK, a total of 51.4 per-cent of births […]