Scoring points:

Forwards +1
Midfielders +2
Defenders +3 (includes goalkeepers)

Scoring goals:

Forwards +3
Midfielders +6
Defenders +10 (includes goalkeepers)

No goals conceded:

Defenders +5
Goalkeepers +8

Each goal conceded:

Defenders -2
Goalkeepers -3

Game win:

All players: +3


Red -7 (2nd yellow or straight red)
Black -5


Appearance from start: 5
Appearance as sub: 1st half: 3
Appearance as sub: 2nd half: 2


Captain: double points (+ or -)
A member of your team must be nominated as captain. Your captain will score double the number of points he would usually have been awarded for any game played in. If you fail to nominate a captain you will not be awarded double points;


Match win: +10
Match draw: +5