Fashion Focus: Move over Facebook and Twitter

Beyoncé uses her Instagram account as a way of letting fans see her more personal side.

Beyoncé uses her Instagram account as a way of letting fans see her more personal side.

JUST when we thought the world of social media couldn’t get any crazier with Facebook, Twitter and various blog spots along came Instagram.

Although I am not completely ‘down with the kids’ when it comes to Instagram and I don’t completely get it just yet I have found it to be a world of endless inspiration, a source of beauty and creativity that Facebook and Twitter could never provide.

Yes Twitter is a great way to follow your favourite celebrities if you are into that constant stalking and updating malarkey but for me Instagram has become a whole new world. Yes to be fair I hold my hands up and admit that I am a newcomer and don’t completely understand the jargon but it has certainly opened a whole new window of opportunity in terms of fashion, individuality and creativity.

Although Instagram is at the end of the day yet another social media outlet it enables you to view people from a different light for example you may be following Rita Ora on Twitter but with her Instagram account you see a more individual and quirky side to her and in a way a more personal look at her sense of style and fashion. Lately I have found Instagram to be a constant source of inspiration when it comes to styling and image. It can often be the random people that you may never have heard of that give you the most inspiration for example sometimes when I need ideas for a photo-shoot or for styling I will trail through Instagram for inspiration. It may be for something as simple as a pose for a certain shot or a different way to style hair to go with an outfit or even how to wear a particular item of clothing in a new and original way.

Yes it can be very posy and in your face especially as it gives quite a few models an extra platform to show off however, pushing all of this aside I find it interesting as it gives models such as Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn a ‘human side’ if that makes sense. We are used to seeing them serious, composed and mannequin like on the catwalk but they use their Instagram feeds as a way of having a laugh at themselves, messing about and showing off what they wear off duty, which I find fascinating.

Some of my favourite Instagram feeds include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (actress and model) who mixes images of her catwalk shoots with behind the scenes shots and pictures of her puppy, Isabel Marant (designer) who gives us sneak peeks of her collection as well as images of herself, Blair Eadie (fashion blogger) her feed is a constant inspiration to fashion lovers particularly because of her quirky sense of style. Not to mention the shopping mecca Bergdorf Goodman, who use Instagram for live feeds of latest collections as well as amazing visual merchandising displays, Cara Delevingne (model) who uses Instagram as an outlet to express herself and embrace her weirdness. I also love looking through Beyoncé’s feed as it gives you a bit of a personal insight into her life and one of my all-time favourites has to be Facehunter, which an incredible street style pictorial album from all over the world.

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