COLUMN: Is there anything after this?

IN THE 1980s when I worked as a priest in a town in Fermanagh, I lived next door to a couple who were rather traditional, conservative Catholics. I wouldn’t have thought of myself as their type of priest as I was a product of the post-Vatican 2 church which for a very brief period flirted with some […]

Time for a Helping Hand

RECENTLY a man asked me out of the blue “Why did you leave the priesthood?” I was taken aback by the directness of his question and replied that I wasn’t cut out for the celibate life. He laughed at my response but that evening I reflected on that difficult decision I made 35 years ago. […]

Mother-of-five takes on new role as minister

AS A mother of five the new minister in Enniskillen Methodist Church certainly knows a thing or two about multi-tasking! The church has recently appointed the Rev Lorna Dreaning as Superintendent Minister at the church following the departure of Rev Samuel McGuffin. Along with her husband Roy and three of her five children Lorna made […]