Full swing on the golf course

Bags packed, irons cleaned new balls and trollies at the ready. 
This morning, Wednesday, golf courses around the North, including Enniskillen, take to the fairways after a two month break because of coronavirus. 
The eagerly awaited re-opening of local clubs, including Enniskillen Golf Club has been met with a broad welcome.
Ian Thompson of the Enniskillen Club said the first tee would be quite busy today, the opening day.
“The time-sheet is already starting to fill up. Players have to pre-book of course so that we know who is on the course for future reference.
“Everybody is thrilled  to be back and we’re optimistic that it will lead to an influx of new members because visitors can’t just turn up and play. We would be confidient that people, after eight or nine weeks of lockdown, and not getting out for any sport, would be keen to get back and the same for new members.
“It looks like this outdoor non contact sports is the way thing will be going for a while,” he said.
“However, in this era of Coronavirus and to ensure the health and safety of club members and staff there are to be minor changes to the format of play and some golf rules.”
The 300 plus members will be keen to play the 18 holes again on the Castlecoole course.