It’s the busiest time of the year at Enniskillen Oxfam

Volunteers at Oxfam, Kevin Mohan and Pauline Howell, are ready for the festive season RMG01

Volunteers at Oxfam, Kevin Mohan and Pauline Howell, are ready for the festive season RMG01

FROM the middle of November, shops will start preparing for the busiest time of the year, but Oxfam Enniskillen is a step ahead as their Christmas preparations have already begun. Enniskillen Oxfam host a Christmas Fair every year in order to raise funds for Oxfam, which they start preparing for once people start to bring their unwanted Christmas presents to the store.

The event gives people the opportunity to pick up last minute presents, while contributing to a good cause, or donate unwanted goods which may be the perfect gift for someone else.

Lorretta Cullen, Oxfam Enniskillen manager spends the year getting ready for the festive period. “The Christmas Fair has been going on for years, it is an annual event that we have and everyone looks forward to it.

“It brings a nice atmosphere to the store as everyone is in the Christmas spirit. When people donate clothes and different items throughout the year, we keep the best until December and put it on display.

“We have a coffee morning with home made tray bakes, a raffle and a big Christmas Fair. People are very good when it comes to donating at Christmas time.”

So if you receive one gift this Christmas that they do not need or want, these unwanted goods can find a good home at Oxfam Enniskillen. “People are definitely more generous around this time of the year, and there are a lot of people who would donate their unwanted Christmas gifts.

“We regularly get teachers in donating all the presents they get every year. It might be a couple of weeks after Christmas before people bring their gifts in but this is January is when we start saving again for the following year to have new gifts on display for the Christmas fair.

“We work from January right through to December to get ready for the Christmas season.

“We are very busy, and even in October, we start to set up Christmas stalls, and all the stuff is to generate funds for Oxfam,” added Lorretta.