Cooneen Group celebrates 50 years

The Cooneen Group headquarters in Fivemiletown.

Cooneen Group is proud to be celebrating its 50th year in 2016. With a presence across the globe, and supplying a diverse range of customers and products, Cooneen Group have come a long way since the business was first established in 1966 in Fivemiletown, Co Tyrone.

The early days of the business saw a focus on fabric knitting and knitwear which was reflected in the initial name of the company, Cooneen Knitwear. The business name also reflected the strong connection that the new company had with its location, and particularly the people from the area that would join the new organisation, and who would contribute to its continued success over the years.

A key trait of the company from its inception was its willingness to adapt and change to market conditions, and this saw the business change in its first 10 years of operation from fabric knitting and knitwear, to design and manufacture of children’s wear.

This huge change in direction brought success, with design facilities being established in Manchester, customer relationships established with many high street retailers such as Mothercare and Dunnes, and production capacity increased significantly in Northern Ireland.

The 1990s brought fierce competition in the children’s wear market, but Cooneen rose to the challenge with the establishment of new group companies focusing on new markets such as character nightwear, uniform, personal protective products, and associated services.

The organisation re-branded in 2011 to present a unified, modern image to its customers, but was careful to retain the Cooneen name as its link to its location and its past. The Group currently consists of four stable, successful companies, serving customers and markets which stretch across four continents, and competing for business on a global basis.

The organisation continues to rely on its core strengths of its people, and its willingness to change in order to meet changing needs in the market place strengths which the Group believe will allow it to continue to prosper and grow as it looks to the future.

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