Four vie for Fermanagh Central Council position

Patsy Dolan, Tiernach Mahon, Peter Carty and Hugh Crudden are all in the race for the Central Council Representative post.

Patsy Dolan, Tiernach Mahon, Peter Carty and Hugh Crudden are all in the race for the Central Council Representative post.

The 2014 County Convention will be hosted by the Belcoo O’Rahilly’s club in the Belcoo Community Centre on Monday December 15th with the action getting under way at 7.30pm.

Convention will see a number of positions contested with chief interest centring on the race for Central Council Representative.

Current incumbent is Brian Armitage who has completed his five year term and bidding to replace the Lisnaskea club man are the foursome of  Peter Carty, Hugh Crudden, Patsy Dolan and Tiernach Mahon.

There will also be a contest regarding the two Ulster Council representatives.

The field here is ; Harry Traynor (outgoing); Brian Armitage; Noel Davis; Vincent Martin; Johnny McManus; Jim Tummon.
Contests will also be held for Delegates to Congress and Delegates to Ulster Convention.

In the former race from which two will be elected are; Peter Carty; Eugene Heuston; Greg Kelly; Tiernach Mahon; Vincent Martin; John McElroy; Johnny McManus.

For the latter, this time five delegates to be  elected the field is;  Brian Armitage; Tom Boyle; Patsy Dolan; Eugene Heuston;  Vincent Martin; Peter Carty.

The position of PRO will also involve a vote, two nominations here, Johnny McManus (outgoing)  and Pauric McGurn.
Elsewhere current post holders will be returned unopposed.

Chairman; Patsy Dolan; Vice Chairman; Greg Kelly; Assistant Secretary; Ferghal O’Connor; Treasurer; Patricia Durnien; Assistant Treasurer; Sean Burns; Development Officer; Peter Carty; Coaching Officer; Deirdre Donnelly;  Officer Culture and Irish Language; Mary Sweeney.

Interesting motions down for consideration

Just three motions dealing with national matters are down for debate at county convention.

Derrylin propose what would be a significant playing rule change namely, “That all free kicks to the attacking team inside their opponents 45m line shall be taken from the ground at the exact spot indicated by the referee. Free kicks awarded in any other part of the playing pitch may be taken from the hands or from the ground.”

Lisnaskea are proposing an alteration to kick outs.

“When the ball is played over the end line by the team attacking that end, play will be restarted by a kick out off the ground from within the small rectangle.

After a score the kick out shall be taken from the ground on the 13m line and within the large rectangle.

“The player taking the kick out may kick the ball more than once before any other player touches it but may not take the ball into his hands.
If the goalkeeper is not taking the kick, he shall stay in the small rectangle and all other players except the player taking the kick-out shall be outside the 20m line until the ball has been kicked.

“The ball shall travel 13m before being  played by another player of the defending team. All players except the goalkeeper and the player taking the kick out (if other than the goalkeeper) shall be outside the 20m line. All other players shall be 13m from the ball until it has been kicked.
“The player taking the kick-out after the ball has gone wide or a score shall have the option of using a standard tee as approved by Central Council.”

Irvinestown have a motion dealing with the substitution of players who may or may not have sustained concussion.

At the moment this area is dealt with in terms of  “injuries blood” but the amendment sought is that it also deals with a player who has sustained a head injury and who will only be allowed to return to the field of play if deemed fit to return by a responsible First Aid/Medical Person. In those circumstances a temporary substitute may be used.

Domestic business
There are some recommendations from Devenish dealing with Erne Cup matters, the thrust behind them being the problems for clubs in fielding 15-a-side teams.

First is a proposal that, “Erne Cup Division 1, 2 and 3 are 13-a-side or 15 by agreement. If both teams have a panel of more than 17 players it is compulsory to play 15-a-side”

Devenish also propose that the Reserve A and B championships be 13-a-side and the Garrison club also seek to have a situation where county minor training should not take place at the same time as adult competitive fixtures.

Enniskillen Gaels seek to have the play off for second and third place in Division 2 A and 2B removed.

Erne Gaels have proposed that clubs get an additional All-Ireland football and hurling final ticket for every 30 games refereed by club officials before August 31 each year.


A mass for the repose of the souls of deceased members of the GAA in the county will be offered in St Patrick’s Holywell at 6.45pm and all delegates are encouraged to attend.