McKeagney book, ‘The Oul Ago’ going into fifth reprint

Due to renewed popularity, the McKeagney family from Tempo is taking delivery of the fifth reprint of their father’s book ‘In The Ould Ago – Illustrated Irish Folklore’ by Johnny McKeagney. The highly successful book, ‘In The Ould Ago’ [meaning ‘a long time ago’] comprises two hundred intricately hand-drawn illustrated A3 pages of stories, traditions, crafts, […]

Roads Service getting ready for A4 southern bypass

MORE cycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and getting ready for the planned Enniskillen bypass are all among the Road Service’s priorities for Fermanagh in the year ahead. As part of the ‘Blue/Green Fund’ set up by the Department for  Infrastructure, of which £720,000 has been allocated to the local branch of the Roads Service, there will […]

Concern for pedestrians on narrow village path

CONCERN for the safety of pedestrians walking on a stretch of footpath in Tempo has been highlighted this week. The stretch of footpath in question runs along the side of the historic Church of Ireland wall in the village. On the other side of the road is residential housing with gardens. Speaking to the Herald […]

Tempo residents ‘living in fear’ over night disturbance

FLOWERS were ripped from their beds and thrown across the Main Street in Tempo on Sunday night as a spate of antisocial behaviour in the village continues.  For some time now concern has been voiced about antisocial behaviour in the village with claims made that some residents are now scared to stay in their homes […]

Cathal’s keeping everybody active

  Cathal Fee is 34 year old from Tempo, and has been working as road manager for Lisa McHugh for the last nine years, driving her up and down the country to all her shows. Alongside this for just over two years now he has been working as a Personal Trainer and during lockdown he […]