Beautiful town’ becoming littered with rubbish

IT WOULD appear that litter is one of the unwelcome outcomes to arise from the pandemic over the past year with the local Council admitting they are “aware” of a problem. The Fermanagh Herald has been contacted by a member of the public who sent photographs along with an expression of disappointment at the way […]

Anti-social behaviour spoils summer fun on loughshore

BOTTLES and beer cans thrown in the lough, bins set on fire, rubbish strewn across scenic spots, and, worst of all, lifebouys ripped out and dumped in the water – just some of the common sights around Fermanagh over the past couple of weeks. Since the heatwave began, jetties and other popular sunning spots have […]

Fermanagh council spends £1m on litter

FERMANAGH District Council spends over £1 million a year on street cleansing, litter control and litter collection. The council recently appointed a Litter Warden who works across the District to issue Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) to anyone caught dropping litter. The Litter Warden also offers information and advice to help reduce instances of illegal littering. […]