Care home

Families of Drumclay residents ‘in grief’ at closing

FAMILIES with relatives in the Drumclay Care Home in Enniskillen have expressed a type of “grief” as the facility closes its doors on Wednesday (March 31). Drumclay was the place since 2018 where, over 200 local elderly people who were discharged from the SWAH often following a fall or surgical procedure, were brought for care […]

Health unions threatening to strike after pay rise ‘insult’

HEALTH workers in Fermanagh have described a proposal that would give NHS workers a pay rise of just one percent as an “insult.” With unions now threatening strike action after voicing their “disgust” at the plan, fears have emerged that the proposal could lead to local workers quitting their jobs which would add further pressure to staffing levels at […]

Anger at hospital carpark charges ‘kick in the teeth’

PEOPLE across Fermanagh have been left outraged following a decision made by the Department of Health (DoH) to restore car parking charges at SWAH. Jill Weir, pictured below, Health campaigner and Chairwown for the ‘Unison’ Fermanagh and Omagh branch told the Herald that she was “appalled” with such a decision, branding it a “kick in […]

Union rep warns against post-Covid cuts to NHS

THE PUBLIC have been urged to be vigilant against any potential cuts to the local health service as it emerges out of the Covid surge. In recent weeks both the Department of Health and the Western Trust have announced their plans for resetting and rebuilding services. Jill Weir, who is a health campaigner and chairwoman […]

Health workers join forces on the picket line at SWAH

Nurses and health workers across all boards at SWAH joined forces on the picket line in a third stage of strike action over pay parity and staffing issues.  Despite the Department of Health urging unions to “defer industrial action” members of the RCN and Unison branches at SWAH came together “for the sake of patient […]