Heating oil payment doubles to £200 but problems remain

THE new heating oil package for the North will be doubled from £100 to £200 and paid ‘to all households’, but exactly when people will get it is the big issue. The oil payment was announced last Thursday by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt as part of his Autumn Statement, and the Treasury said the payment would be […]

Home heating oil in Fermanagh highest price in North

CUSTOMERS in Fermanagh have the most expensive home heating oil in the North, new research has revealed. According to the Consumer Council’s home heating oil price checker, the average cost of 300L of oil is £309.37, 500L is £496.28 and 900L is £876.49. Last week, 300L of heating oil was £328.52, 500L cost £526.96 and 900L […]


Cost of home heating looks set to soar

AS the nights gets darker and the temperature drops, the price of electricity and heating has soared adding further pressures to households ahead of a long winter. Gas company Flogas and electricity supplier Power N| have both increased their prices significantly from October 1st. Customers of Flogas in Fermanagh have recently received letters detailing that […]