Craze taking Fermanagh by storm

BOTH the cancer fundraising firewalk in Belleek next week, as well as last year’s Walk for Dad, were organised by Firewalking Ireland, based in Strabane. Stephen Brown, who himself did his first firewalk eight years ago, before starting the company over three years ago, explained they bring the firewalk to the fundraising teams, such as […]

Desperate plea to raise £55,000 for toddler’s treatment

A POPULAR chef at the Manor House Hotel and his wife are desperately hoping to raise money for life-saving medical treatment for their two-year-old daughter who is suffering from a rare form of cancer. The little girl, Nadezda Laporionok,  was born with Cleft palate, problems with swallowing, a hernia and a rare genetic disorder, Beckwith-Wiedeman […]