Reopening cemeteries ‘source of great comfort’

CEMETERIES operated by Fermanagh District Council have  reopened to the public following a decision made by the Executive to amend The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) Regulations. Since Saturday, cemeteries at Breandrum and Cross in Enniskillen reopened under their normal opening hours, however, they will remain closed to visitors during funeral services and burials.  Chairwoman of […]

Illegal dumping as recycle centre is forced to close

LOCAL people have been left outraged following reports of “excessive dumping” at the recycling centre in Lisnaskea after the council was forced to close the facility because it could not cope with the volume of material being dumped.  One concerned resident who lives close by told the Herald; “These bags of rubbish have been left […]

Enniskillen’s new dog park set to be opened within week

THE PLANNED Enniskillen dog park will be opened “in the next couple of weeks,” the Herald can reveal.  The new free dedicated dog exercise park at the carpark in Henry Street is due to open before the beginning of next month, when new legislation comes into place.  The dog control orders, which come into effect […]

St Patrick

St Patrick’s Day parade cancelled

St Patrick’s Day celebrations in Enniskillen will not take place this year amid growing concern about coronavirus. On Tuesday night after 8pm the Council confirmed the event was cancelled. The news came late in the day with the thought locally at the time being that the Fermanagh parade was set to go ahead in the […]

Householders left confused over blue bin refusal notice

LOCAL residents have been left scratching their heads after recycling bins were ‘blue labelled’ and left unemptied due to “incorrect materials” being found inside. In one incident a bin was labelled because a typical shop bought cardboard pizza box was found inside.  The box when bought contains a cellophane wrapped pizza.  In a separate incident […]

Man of vision ‘had a huge impact on life in Fermanagh’

MOURNERS at the funeral of Gerry Burns, the former Fermanagh District Council chief executive heard his son John describe him as ‘selfless and kind’, an example to his children in how to love and care for each other. Those words were met with a round of applause by the congregation at the Requiem Mass in […]

Live streaming council meeting could cost £1,000 per hr

LOCAL Council meetings could soon be streamed live online, allowing the public to keep closer tabs on what their councillors are up to. However the Council has claimed it would cost up to £1,000 per hour to do so.  Aside from the increasing number of issues that are being discussed confidentially in recent times, all […]

County Buildings reopens as transformed ‘services hub’

THE County Buildings in Enniskillen’s East Bridge Street are to reopen with a customer focused hub designed to make it easier to access FODC (Fermanagh and Omagh District Council) services. The public building will open in Enniskillen, on Monday 24 February after a  lengthy period of refurbishment. The Enniskillen ‘Connect Centre’ and a number of […]

£10,000 – Council spend talking about Brexit last year

THE COUNCIL has spent more than £10,000 talking about Brexit in just over a year. It is now considering stopping or reducing the number of meetings it holds on the issue because, essentially, no one knows what is going to actually happen with Brexit.  In a report that was due to be presented to the […]

Public plea for rates freeze ignored, hike vote passed

DESPITE promising a “minimal” increase this year, the Council has voted to raise rates for householders by even more than last year.  Last week the Council voted to raise domestic rates by 2.79 percent.  That’s more than last year’s increase of 2.3 percent, and brings the total increase in the Council’s domestic rates to almost […]