Rising costs forces families to Fermanagh foodbanks

WITH the cost of almost everything shooting up across the board, and few seeing a rise in their income, many Fermanagh households are facing the dilemma of whether to ‘heat or eat’ this winter. However, help is on hand in the community for those that need it. Just this week local Power NI customers were informed by […]

More families than ever using local foodbanks

IT’S BEEN a tough year for everyone , but just how tough it has been for many local families has been starkly highlighted by the demand at Fermanagh’s foodbanks, both at Christmas and throughout the year. Speaking to the Herald after handing out the last of their extra-large Christmas hampers this year, manager of Enniskillen Foodbank […]

Sleeping rough for families in poverty

WHILE the run-up to Christmas will see Fermanagh families use their local foodbank for the first time ever this year. Nicola Wieczorek and her colleagues from Enniskillen’s Santander branch will sleep rough on the streets of Enniskillen on December 12, to raise awareness and essential funds for local poverty. “We hope that by putting ourselves […]