Police say no evidence of ‘dogcatchers’ on the prowl

THE CONTINUING reports of suspicious activity in regard to pets here has seen local Police appeal to the general public to report anything suspicious.  This week in the Brookeborough area a report of alleged suspicious activity was shared on social media along with images of a silver van, a man at a gate and a […]

Dog owners in fear as criminals turn sights on pets

DOG OWNERS are said to be ‘frightened to leave their homes’ following mounting concern locally about attempted dog thefts and suspicious behaviour. During lockdown the demand for dogs soared, as did prices sought for puppies. Cocker Spaniel pups were selling for up to €2,500 in June while this week Shih Tzu and Cavalier King Charles […]

Life after lockdown is no fun for our four-legged friends!

WHILE lockdown has been a ‘blessing’ for many people, nobody has been more thankful for time at home than dog owners! However, as lockdown restrictions ease and more people make their way back to work, dogs across the county are at a loss. “New bonds have been formed over the course of lockdown, with families […]


Dogs’ deaths at beach is linked to lethal poison

DOG walkers have been urged to exercise vigilance when out and about with their dogs. In Fermanagh and Donegal dog owners have raised concerns about alleged incidents where dogs were harmed while out walking in public places. In Enniskillen members of the public have urged dog owners to be wary of discarded waste including broken […]

Dogs are seized by police in badger baiting crackdown

THERE ARE fears that the barbaric practice of badger baiting is on the increase in the Fermanagh area with a number of dogs believed to be used for killing badgers recently seized by police. Local Police have recently shared details of an investigation into badger baiting and confirmed one arrest had been made, 11 dogs […]