Road surface is blamed for crashes at same spot

THERE have been calls for urgent action to be taken after four cars crashed at the very same spot on a Brookeborough road in the past week.  Since the beginning of this winter, at least nine cars are thought to have crashed at the same corner on Teiges Hill Road, between Brookeborough and Moanes Cross, […]


Rachel pleaded guilty just days before horrific crash   ONE OF THE young people seriously injured in the tragic car crash in Bundoran last month has been sentenced in her absence after she had admitted to an assault charge prior to the accident. Rachel Elliott (25) from Rehal Road, Irvinestown, who remains seriously ill in […]

Ex MLA involved in serious car crash

FORMER SDLP Assembly member Tommy Gallagher, described as ‘the heart and soul of the SDLP’ in Fermanagh was airlifted to hospital in Belfast on Monday following a serious road collision on the Pettigo Road just outside Kesh. The 75-year-old was flown by air ambulance to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast after he sustained serious […]