Fresh fears for Brexit border

PLANS by the Westminster government to plough ahead with plans to introduce a visa system for non-Irish nationals, which it is looking likely will see checks on the Fermanagh border. While in Stormont all focus is on the Brexit Protocol, which was agreed between the UK and EU in order to keep the border fluid […]

Anger over British plan to reintroduce border checks

DESPITE countless promises Brexit would not result in any hardening of the border, many workers and tourists could be soon be facing checks when coming into Fermanagh. Last week the House of Commons passed the Nationality and Borders Bill, which will introduce a new visa waiver system for non-Irish EU citizens wanting to enter the UK, which will mean […]

UK immigration plan could see border checks for workers

CONCERNS about the impact of Brexit on the border have not gone away, with the latest immigration plan by the UK once again firing up fears about the reintroduction of border checks. The latest cause for concern is the proposed Nationality and Borders Bill, which is currently being passed through the houses of the Westminster parliament. Described […]

Garda patrols continue depsite easing of lockdown

THE STRICT lockdown in the South may have been lifted this week, however those living on either side of Fermanagh’s border are still being urged not to cross it. The Dublin government went ahead with plans yesterday (Tuesday) to lower its current level of restrictions from Level 5 to Level 3. This means that after […]