Councillors weigh in behind takeover bid by ex-Quinn team

    LOCAL councillors have added their support to the QBRC (Quinn Business Retention Company) bid to acquire the Aventas Group and will arrange a meeting with bondholders to try to facilitate the takeover. Speaking at last week’s monthly council meeting Independent councillor Bernice Swift expressed her support for the bid. “Without a doubt, the […]

Mobile phone customers here ‘being ‘sold a pup’

Fermanagh mobile phone customers continue to be ‘sold a pup’ in regards to the service they receive from networks. That’s the view of local councillor Bernice Swift who has criticised the mobile phone networks for not supplying a full and proper service. “It’s logical that if we are constantly without service to make calls or […]

Illegal dumping in Teemore linked to closure of local council facility

  ILLEGAL dumping remains prevalent in the county, with the latest site uncovered in the Derryhooley area of Teemore just last week. Local councillor Bernice Swift revealed how she received a letter from an anonymous resident in the area, who alerted her to the illegal fly tipping and ‘demanded’ immediate action. In response the councillor […]