Handling ……. The interview

by Julie Hetherington, North-West News Group HR manager Remember its perfectly normal to be a bit nervous before an interview and a little nerves can actually help you to perform better.  By the interview stage, you have successfully applied to the Company and they want to meet to find out a little more about you.  […]

Apprenticeships can lead to a job

OTHER employers in Fermanagh also see the benefit of work experience. Grafton Recruitment encourage anyone seeking permanent employment to give consideration to gain work experience through employment on temporary contracts. Una Brennan manages temporary contracts on behalf of the Enniskillen branch and states: “Companies in Fermanagh are continuing to recruit on temporary contracts, sometimes to […]

Finding a job that will make you happy…

Finding a job that will make you happy can take practice and time!  But all employment experience is relevant and should be used to your advantage when applying for a start or for a change of job / career. When businesses recruit, they are seeking through their job advertisement to find the best fit for […]

Slane’s lifelong passion for engineering

TWENTY year old Slane Maguire from Kesh has just completed a two year full-time foundation degree in engineering (with wind specialism) at South West College in Enniskillen. It’s little surprise that Slane ended up on this course as he has had a passion for engineering for quite a long time. From a very young age, […]

Jobs fair boost for Fermanagh

It will take place in the college on Thursday, October 3 and will run from 10am until 3pm that day. Some 20 businesses attended the launch, and the drive is now on to attract others. The Fair is organised by the Enniskillen Business Leadership Network in a partnership with the college and supported by the Fermanagh Herald/North West News Group as its media partner.