February 15, 2012 9:20 am
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Moving statues as pub landmark goes walkabout!

THE FAMILIAR naval statue, ‘The Captain’, which occupies pride of place outside the Captain’s Table pub and restaurant in Belturbet was ‘kidnapped’ at the weekend but, having been spotted in a roadside stone chair in Roslea, he was returned to his very grateful owner.
It was popular entertainer, Billy Mac (Billy McCormick) who lives in Roslea who delivered the goods after ‘The Captain’ was spotted by his son, sitting in a stone public seat near Roslea Post Office at one o’clock on Sunday morning.
“It was stolen from after midnight and it landed in Roslea. Any man coming round the corner at the post office would have had the life scared out of him,”
However, back in the Captain’s Table, it was obvious that the landlady, Maureen Fitzpatrick, held   ‘The Captain’ in high regard, and was overjoyed at getting him back.
“I’m from Clones, which is in the same parish at Roslea, so we can only think he was either looking up my relations or drumming up custom. At any rate, I am very thankful to Billy Mac for bringing him back.
“I had a lot of people ringing me who recognised  him when they passed through Roslea, even though it was the early hours of Sunday morning. It shows there are a lot of good people about.”

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