February 14, 2012 3:46 pm
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Fly tipping blight

THE FORESTRY SERVICE have been accused of ‘washing their hands’ of the growing problem of fly-tipping in remote rural areas of east Femanagh.
That’s according to local councillor Sheamus Greene who says large quantities of waste are being deposited at locations right across the Brookeborough, Knocks and Roslea area. He says he has
highlighted this to the Forestry Service on a number of occasions but nothing has been done to remove this unsightly rubbish from the forests in this area.
“If this fly-tipping was happening on a farmer’s land  they would be held responsible for it and its removal. Why then can the Forestry Service simply ignore this and let our beautiful countryside remain desecrated?
“This rubbish poses a risk for both our wildlife and even our own health, as it attracts rats and other vermin. The people in this area are fed up with the way they are being treated by the Forestry Service and other government departments.   

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