February 8, 2012 10:34 am
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£228,000 boost for Enniskillen

A £228,000 funding boost for environmental improvements in Enniskillen was announced yesterday (Tuesday).
The funding, from the Department of Environment’s ’s Neighbourhood Renewal Investment Fund, will provide environmental improvements at Inniskeen Park and Close, Derrygore Terrace, Loughview Drive, Cornagrade Close, Carron Close, Yoan Road Erne Drive and Market Street.
The funding will allow for improvements to the physical appearance of these areas and in turn seek to achieve a reduction in anti-social behaviour, vandalism and crime.
The project commences next week in partnership with the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.
Nelson McCausland said: “This is a significant boost for the Enniskillen Neighbourhood Renewal Area. The improvements will provide a more attractive environment for local residents and lead to a more pleasing environment, a sense of community identity, leading to a more confident community, with a greater quality of life for those living in the area.”

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